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Halloween Nursing Costumes: Weather Forecast

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Today's forecast is partly cloudy with a chance of rain, but later in the week there will be sunny skies and rainbows!
Here’s how to put this great mom + kids Halloween costume together :
DIY Rainbow:
+ White and rainbow color foam sheets
+ Cut 2 cloud shapes, rainbow layers, 2 shoulder straps and a large dome shape for back piece
+ Use hot glue or clear packing tape to assemble rainbow
+ Pair with a solid t-shirt and jeans
Little Miss Sunshine:
+ Get 3 squares of yellow felt + light weight batting
+ Cut 2- large circles, 18- triangles, and 2 shoulders straps. 
+ Sew large circles together and leave small opening to stuff batting in
+ Repeat previous step with triangles and sew to circle
+ Hot glue or sew shoulder straps on
+ Pair with yellow t-shirt and shorts
Fluffy Rain Cloud:
+ Get 2 squares of white felt + 2 packages of large white pom poms
+ Cut 2- cloud shapes and 2 shoulders straps
+ Hot glue pom poms onto one cloud shape
+ Hot glue or sew shoulder straps on
+ Pair with blue or grey baby one piece pajamas
Mom Costume:
+ Harper & Bay Stripe Bell Sleeve Dress
Stay tuned for more Halloween costume ideas...

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