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Summer is officially here! Who else has a list of things they would like to accomplish over the summer break? I have lists for activity I want to do with my kids, 1 for projects around my house, 1 for family outings/trips and the lists goes on and on. 

Too many times I make lists that are unrealistic and when every item isn't checked off at the end of Summer I feel disappointed.  This summer I want to make a different kind of list.  A HAPPINESS list. Join our Summer Happiness Challenge and write a list (long or short) with tasks or activities that will make you HAPPY! 


1. Have a picnic

2. Go on a hike

3. Run in the sprinklers

4. Make ice cream

5. Stop by the farmers market

6. Go roller blading

7. Relax on a fun pool float

8. Visit a national park

9. Fly a kite

10. Color in a coloring book

11. Make your own popsicles

12. Go to a fair

13. Have a girls night out

14. Blow bubbles

15. See an outdoor movie

16. Take a road trip

17. Pick flowers and put them by your bed

18. Go to an outdoor concert

19. Visit the zoo

20. Plan one on one time with each of your kids

21. Nap in a hammock

22. Draw with sidewalk chalk

23. Make time to read a book

24. Blast the radio and have a dance party

25. Take an early morning walk

26. Go fruit picking

27. Spa day

28. Play on a slip n' slide

29. Splurge on a favorite outfit or swimsuit

30. Stargaze

31. Make smores or roast marshmallows

32. Spend a day in your favorite part of town

33. Go paddle boarding

34. Send someone a thoughtful note

35. Indulge in your favorite treat

36. Enjoy the sunset

37. Have a backyard campout

38. Get a mani/pedi

39. Date Night

40. Write down one great thing you did each day!

Here's to a HAPPIER Summer and YOU!


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